Our Mission:

Our Mission: To enable individuals and communities to take an active part in the cultivation of systems that provide the highest quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and other yields, in a way that benefits themselves, cares for the land and environment, and provides a surplus to use, share and reinvest into the system.


Custom Designed Planter Boxes
Keyhole Garden Beds
Steel Planters with Trellis
Edible Foundations & Backyard Ecosystems-
Landscape design packages incorporating aesthetically pleasing edibles for installation by the homeowner.
Western Hills Family Retreat
Although still used, this raised fire pit space was overgrown and really needed tidying up.  The soil was compacted, and weeds were the only thing growing in this highly compacted area.  The homeowner was tired of fighting the weeds and wanted something done. 

As the project plan for a new fire pit and patio area, with a potential planting on the back edge developed, the decision was made to create a patio comprising the whole raised area and a separate raised bed with a mini-orchard and forest garden.  Already avid gardeners, they really liked the concept.
For the full summary, more pictures and how it all went together follow this link:

Vegetable Beds & Backyard Refresh-
A former Master Gardener's backyard perennial woodland had become overgrown and hard for the new homeowner to know where to start.  She did want some vegetable beds for fresh homegrown produce and, also to connect and open up the disconnected back yard.

An organic patterned vegetable garden was chosen and constructed using upcycled brick edging and mulched pathways.
The large perennial outcropping was removed and grass replaced for one continuous lawn area. 
Ground covers were thinned, a stepper path was put in to the compost bins and hammock area.  Hardwood mulch was added to all perennial areas and flower beds.
The full summary with more pictures can be found here:

First bucket of kitchen scraps!

Compost Bins-
This composting system was made to compliment a backyard garden in West Des Moines for a family that wanted to reduce their environmental impact and provide a benefit to their garden.

Waveland Backyard Makeover-
After a garage had been refurbished/rebuilt the backyard space was a patch of bare dirt.  We had a nearly blank slate to put any new additions to the yard, but with any rain making a muddy mess we needed to act quickly.
A ninety square foot expansion was built onto the existing slab patio using reclaimed flagstone to place a firepit and use for entertaining.  A double brick border sectioned off a mulched play area, and existing shrubs and hostas were mulched. 

They already had a small vegetable garden, composters and a rain barrel, but were really interested in perennial crops such as raspberries and strawberries.  Terraced raised beds were installed on the slope to minimize erosion and allow easy access to the fruit
The full summary and more pictures can be found here:
Older Projects

I built this natural stone retaining wall & tree rings South of Grand Avenue when I was fresh out of college working for Heard Gardens, Ltd. 

I built a lot of stone walls that summer for them, as well as other styles of retaining walls, flagstone and brick patios, tree plantings and perennial flower bed installations.

My crew even planted several trees at the Brenton Arboretum in Dallas Center and Meredith's green space at the West end of Grand & Locust Avenues in downtown Des Moines.

This retaining wall was a rebuild of an existing wall that was showing the effects of time.  We tore down the remaining stones, fixed the slumping hill behind, provided drainage to move water away from the back of the wall reducing the pressure on it, and rebuilt it using the existing stones.  This was my first freelance project and followed it up the next year by doing the upper retaining wall, including a short stairway in the middle.

Large amounts of water flowed down the hill behind this Urbandale home during heavy rains.  This runoff caused flooding in the basement and the homeowner needed a solution.  The dry streambed was suggested as the perfect mix of practicality and aesthetics. 

A channel was dug that moved the water to the side of her home where it continued harmlessly down the hill.  River rock was used to fill the channel, giving it a natural look and resistance to erosion.  Larger boulders and ornamental grasses provided visual interest.

More Project Summaries Coming!
I will be uploading more photos of projects as I can, for now you can see a few more on Facebook, Houzz or in the products and services pages

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