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Our Mission: To enable individuals and communities to take an active part in the cultivation of systems that provide the highest quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and other yields, in a way that benefits themselves, cares for the land and environment, and provides a surplus to use, share and reinvest into the system.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day Weekend 2015

We celebrated the birthday of the USA and another this weekend.  While our families were here for the long weekend I recruited some help for Waukee's Fourth of July parade - my mom & dad, a couple "Monarchs" and Captain America!

During their visit we got found a few good leaves yet of some romaine lettuce and an onion for our burgers.   We even talked some of the grandparents into trying a few Borage flowers and watched the honeybees work.
Earlier in the week I prepped a backyard pollinator bed that will be planted by the homeowner when she gets her suggested plants.  They will get to enjoy the colorful flowers and butterflies while playing on the swing set.  I got done just in time to meet up with everyone for supper!

Finally, we finished up the weekend with a trip to one of our great local parks.  Wildwood Park in Clive has a very nice patch of prairie wildflowers along the Greenbelt Trail.  Coneflowers, daisies, milkweed and more are included for a nice feeding area for pollinators for all kinds.

I hope you had a festive and patriotic weekend, too!

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