Our Mission:

Our Mission: To enable individuals and communities to take an active part in the cultivation of systems that provide the highest quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and other yields, in a way that benefits themselves, cares for the land and environment, and provides a surplus to use, share and reinvest into the system.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd

Abundant Design is giving a 22% discount on 3-Bin Cedar Composters & Fruiting Arbors sold today. 

Our New Zealand style compost system is built to last with rot resistant cedar construction.  Not some random pile of food scraps and yard waste, this sharp looking addition blends into any neighborhood.  Reduce your contribution to the landfill and capture valuable organic matter to boost the structure and fertility of your soil. 
Normally these sell for $649+tax installed but can be yours today for

$506.22+tax  Installed!*

All cedar construction and includes an 'Issai' Cold Hardy Kiwi vine.  Normally $947+tax installed, this is yours today for
$738.66+tax  Installed!*
*A mileage fee may apply outside of Des Moines and surrounding communities.

Do GOOD this weekend!
More ideas are on last years Earth Day post.

Happy Earth Day!

As a special BONUS, check out this great offer from INHABIT the movie-
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Enter the Promo Code: earthday
Stay tuned for a full one year report of where INHABIT has traveled since it was released on 4/22/15! 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Edging part 2

Last week we began the installation of a new or expanded planting bed with natural edging.

This week we continue, talking about more permanent options and showing you how to install plastic edging.

The peach and cherry trees are blooming as well as a few blossoms on the strawberries.

Beyond fruit trees don't forget the rarer fruits like paw-paw and persimmon, or even nut trees like pecan, chestnuts and hickory! 

Nibbling on Redbud blossoms

I'm installing raised beds, rain barrels, composters and even a fruiting wall this week.  It is the perfect time of year to be getting your new edible landscape installed.

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Natural Edging - New Video

New video this week!

But man, what a chilly morning!

I hope you got to protect your plants last night if needed.  Most of the perennials popping up should be ok.  I did cover our peach trees last night since the flower buds were starting to open.  This will be the first fruiting year for these trees and I didn't want to loose the chance for homegrown peaches.

Even with the freeze last night, warmer temps can't be far behind.  Spring is officially here and the days keep getting longer.  Besides making harder to put kids to bed, that means more and more things will be growing, including grass.

This week I'll show you how to cut a "natural edge" to define your planting spaces.  A natural edge gives you a crisp border without the need for additional edging materials.

So enjoy a second (or third) cup of coffee this chilly morning, and later grab a spade and clean up those borders.

Have a great week!

Monday, April 4, 2016

100th Post, Dad

I hadn't realized this would be my 100th post, but it won't be about gardens or food.

I had a week that I cannot fully describe.  I lost my father.

Dad touched many, many peoples lives through our large and close family, his school days, the military and veterans associations, his hunting buddies and long public service as the Wright County Recorder and President of the Iowa County Recorders Association.

Everything he did was done with care.  From helping others at the office, to the building of our home.  Even the fire wood was stacked so that it would cure correctly.

During the visitation time I had to correct my thoughts multiple times, thinking "Oh!  I need to tell dad that I just talked to so and so..." 

The vigil service allowed for some people to stand and tell stories of my dad's life.  I didn't think I could tell any stories and be able to finish. 

Here is what I would have shared were I able:

We all know dad was an avid hunter.  I remember one duck hunt on the river bend near our home.  We occasionally missed small flocks zipping up or down the river while drinking coffee and telling other stories, but this time one rounded the corner and came right at us.  Dad made a quick shot and the ducks momentum carried it right at us.  Without missing a beat dad caught the bird with one hand.

But that isn't the story I really want to share tonight.  The comments on Facebook and the turnout here tonight show how much my dad was loved by the community, and how caring and helpful he was.  This memory of mine is just one example of his concern for his boys (me and my brother).  Our first dog, Rusty, a German Shorthair/Black Lab mix had been hit by a car the night before my birthday.  We found our dog driving to my grandma's that day.  We all were in tears as we saw Rusty lying on the shoulder of the highway.  Dad happened to have an old rug in the back, which he wrapped the poor dog in.  His face/head was pretty ragged on one side, but the whole entire time we took Rusty home and buried him, Dad never let us get an angle to really see how bad he was hurt.  For us, the loss of the dog was heartache enough and dad did not want it to be any worse.  This is just one example of how Dad showed his love and protected the tender hearts of his family.


Dad got to spend his last days at home.  All of the family and grandkids got to be there on Easter together, and he was able to watch some turkeys that morning.

The morning after dad passed the turkeys were back, maybe saying their goodbyes as well.

But dad wasn't just a hunter, he was a conservationist and loved all of God's creation too.  He loved birds and wildflowers.  Many wood duck nesting boxes surround their home, as well as many species of wildflowers in a veritable museum of woodland species.  The bird feeders and birdbaths were always full of a diverse and colorful mix of songbirds. 

Bluebirds were often a topic of his Springtime conversations and they also made an appearance that next morning.

I can't even believe that this has happened yet.  It just seems unreal.  It hurts so bad.

I am grateful for the prayers, support and generosity of our friends and neighbors. 
Thank you all!


Dad, I miss you so very much