Our Mission:

Our Mission: To enable individuals and communities to take an active part in the cultivation of systems that provide the highest quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and other yields, in a way that benefits themselves, cares for the land and environment, and provides a surplus to use, share and reinvest into the system.

Butterfly & Pollinator Gardens

Butterflies are some of the most beautiful and amazing creatures on our planet.  Sadly much of their habitat has been lost due to urbanization, increased crop production acres and chemical "weed" control.  You can help with the loss of habitat problem as well as enjoy these beautiful creatures by having a butterfly garden installed on your property.

We will help you choose the perfect spot and plant various annual and perennial species that will serve as food and refuge for the butterflies, as well as provide flowers for your enjoyment too.

Abundant Design is excited for these partnerships!

We can provide a host and nectar plant installation that qualifies for registration with Blank Park Zoo's Plant.Grow.Fly. program.  For this program, registration will be done by you.  It is simple, online (or by mail if you prefer) and will allow you to have a hands-on part your garden project and recognition.

We are also proud to be working with Monarch Watch and can provide a wildflower & milkweed installation that qualifies for designation as an International Monarch Waystation.  We can even register it for you and install a weatherproof sign that highlights your conservation efforts and educates your neighbors.

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